Classes Attire

The Poltava School has standard class attire which can be purchased at:

Dancer's Den Dancewear

1630 Albert Street


All About Dance

318 University Park Drive

Please see a sales associate for assistance and ensure to try on all items before purchasing. 


• All costumes are provided by the AUUC (not including footwear)
• Students are responsible for full costume price in the event of damage and/or loss

Click on the item for direct links to required items. Please Note Colour Requirements that are listed. 

Girls Novice/Beginner/Junior Requirements

Poltava T-Shirt provided
Hair pulled back off the face in a bun

Girls Pre-Poltava Red Character Shoes

An email will be provided at the beginning of the season specifing style and where to purchase the character shoes from.

Boys Novice/Beginner/Junior/Intermediate 


Black Narrow Track Pants
Poltava T-Shirt provided

Boys Pre-Poltava Requirements

Black Narrow Track Pants
Poltava T-Shirt provided
Black Split Sole Slip On Jazz Shoe- ask at Dance Store for assistance

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