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Poltava School

The Poltava School of Ukrainian Performing Arts, sponsored by the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians, is a Ukrainian dance school for all children, ages three years and up. Seven levels of dance are offered in the School and the curriculum not only includes Ukrainian Dance but also ballet barre and centre which acts as the preparatory base for children's dance. The students of the Poltava School perform during the Annual Concert and are featured during all three days of Mosaic, they also perform at other events in Regina. Unique to the Poltava School is that students are often accompanied by the Poltava Orchestra. The instructors of the Poltava School are highly trained and have studied with some of the finest Ukrainian Dance teachers in Canada and Ukraine. After completion within the Poltava School, dancers often move into the Poltava Ensemble of Song, Music and Dance, which is the performing ensemble of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians and is comprised of senior dancers, musicians and vocalists.


All information regarding the Poltava School will be sent by email, please ensure we have your current email address and add our email to your contacts.

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